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Connecting ideas for Good

What will be the materials of tomorrow? What technologies will help simplify, again and again, the design, build, or operation of a satellite? Why not a wireless, connector-less satellite?

The OneWeb Innovation Challenge 2021 welcomes engineering, science, and creative talent, research professionals, and subject matter experts from around the world to redefine existing mindsets in satellite design, drive innovation, and build business partnership opportunities in new ways - across design and production, to flight management and end of life removal.

Current satellites feature many components that come from non-satellite specific technology. OneWeb expects this challenge to yield further, exciting potential.


Connect with purpose

Connecting ideas for good: OneWeb's Innovation Programme brings together trusted partners and collaborations from around the world.

Connect with ease: The programme is rooted in the certainty that partnership and the sharing of information continuously improve sustainable practices and performance.

Connect with confidence: many of our innovators come from industries outside the space sector who want to scale and commercialize an original idea.

Explore your radical ideas and designs with OneWeb and shape the future for Low Earth Orbit satellite communications technology.


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See Press Release (23 April, 2021)

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